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Brentwood City Commission - Election Survey 

Susannah Macmillan


1.     What’s your age, occupation, family information (spouse name and number of kids)?


Previously Associate Director of Human Resources, 47 years old, married to Dr. Robert Macmillan with three children all attending Brentwood Middle School. 


2.     How long have you been a resident of Brentwood?  If you moved here where are you originally from?


I have lived in Brentwood for 10 years. My family moved to Green Hills in 1989. My husband and I returned to Brentwood after 4 years in Memphis for medical school and 3 years in Jackson, Tn for Residency.


3.     Why are you running for City Commission?


Brentwood is a charming and special city to call home. I am passionate about perpetuating the unique qualities and characteristics that make our city extraordinary. Our one-acre density, our amazing police and fire departments, the vast parks and green spaces, and our exemplary schools, all make Brentwood an incredible place to live and I want to maintain and nurture these unique qualities.


4.     What are the three (3) biggest issues facing Brentwood?


Traffic, Limited infrastructure (sewer, roads, police and fire), Increased crime


5.     Do you support a separate Brentwood City School System?


NO.  There is not enough information available to determine if Brentwood could form a municipal school district. Currently, I have three wonderful children attending Brentwood Middle School that were previously attending Scales Elementary and our experience with our two WCS schools is GREAT.  Our WCS schools are fantastic and the reason people move to Williamson County.  As a City Commissioner, I would work to continue the open dialogue with our Brentwood County Commissioners and Brentwood School Board representatives so we’re united in speaking up about the need for improvements within many of our Brentwood schools.


6.     Do you believe the City of Brentwood should continue to financially support Williamson County School System projects in Brentwood, such as the STEM project at Brentwood High?


The funding body for WCS is the Williamson County Commission.  However, I do realize WCS capital and operational needs are not being properly funded by our Williamson County Commission which leads to school buildings in Brentwood that are overcrowded, that need major renovations and replacement, hallways and cafeterias that are not designed for the number of students attending, and rezoning that breaks down the community environment families deserve.  Our City has been the only city in the county to make annual gifts that now total $5.56 million and will donate over $250,000 again this year to PTOs in schools that serve Brentwood residents.  I will support a continuation of those donations. 


The STEM project at Brentwood High School was possible because the City donated a section of Granny White Park (for additional parking/entrance road), along with liquidating the $2.4 million from the budget (specifically from the account that helped pay for the land that is now Smith Park). This type of emergency funding was needed to prevent the rezoning of hundreds of Brentwood families to schools in other communities.  We have to make sure our county develops a long-term funding strategy to fund our schools so that our budget is not about choosing between the need for a new police headquarters, police/fire personnel, parks/green space and schools.


7.     What role does Brentwood have in alleviating traffic problems in Williamson County?

Brentwood is surrounded by the hyper-growth communities of Franklin, Nashville, and Nolensville so the best practice for Brentwood is to remain part of the solution to our traffic problems by maintaining our current planning codes for both residential zoning (one-acre density) and commercial zoning.  Our city needs to continue to be a great partner with TDOT and all of our surrounding local governments to alleviate traffic problems on our roadways in Williamson County.   


8.     What areas should see increased cooperation with Williamson County or other cities in Williamson County?


As stated above, it is important for Brentwood to partner with our surrounding communities to increase the capacity of our roadways.  Projects that enhance the safety and security of all residents in Williamson County, such as the new emergency communications system, is a great example of our local governments working together for all of us.  


Candidate: Susannah Macmillan