“Brentwood is a charming and special city to call home. I am passionate about perpetuating the unique qualities and characteristics that make our city extraordinary.”


- Where Susannah Stands on the Issues -



Brentwood is a wonderful, unique community within the larger metropolitan Nashville area. One of the foremost reasons why Brentwood has an unparalleled environment is the one-house-per-acre density policy. In my opinion, this is central to Brentwood’s identity and must be preserved. Any residential or commercial development that occurs must be accomplished in a measured, responsible manner that does not choke our streets, our infrastructure, our community spaces, or our schools.


Prioritize Safety of brentwood’s citizens

I think that devoting resources to the Fire and Police Departments is an excellent investment. As such, we can and should expect to see further evolution and improvements beyond their already outstanding levels. Brentwood has seen an increase in thefts committed by those from outside our community; therefore, we need to give the police the manpower, training, and technology they require to continue to maintain our safety.

Boost our exemplary schooLs

Schools are an incredibly valuable resource in Brentwood. They also have a direct impact on our home value. I have years of experience lobbying and advocating with local government for our schools, and I will continue my working relationship with members of the Williamson County School Board and the County Commission to ensure our schools and the students within them will continue to thrive going forward.

As for my stance on a Brentwood City School System, all I can support at this time is a study that would give us information that many residents are requesting. Just as our citizens have requested studies for bike paths and public hearings on senior housing, I believe it is reasonable to consider a study-only regarding the feasibility of a city school system should citizens continue to have interest in it.

Read more about my position on schools, here.


Strategic focus on traffic

Brentwood is an oasis surrounded by communities marked by hyper growth. Unfortunately, hyper growth comes with hyper congestion. Continued responsible, measured growth in Brentwood will provide opportunities to properly arrange traffic flow in order to minimize the impact of traffic on our residents’ daily schedules. This is another critical area where the one-home-per-acre density policy will have a measurable impact on virtually every Brentwood resident’s daily life. Furthermore, I would welcome the opportunity to partner with the county and state agencies to foster creative, effective solutions to get all of us where we need to go.