Williamson Herald Candidate Questionnaire 

Questions for Brentwood City Commission candidates: 

1.)   Why did you decide to run for this office?


Brentwood is a charming and special city to call home. I am passionate about perpetuating the unique qualities and characteristics that make our city extraordinary. Our one-acre density, our amazing police and fire departments, the vast parks and green spaces, and our exemplary schools, all make Brentwood an incredible place to live and I want to maintain and nurture these unique qualities for our future.


2.)   What do you believe are the top three issues that need to be addressed in the city of Brentwood? How would you address those issues?


Traffic, limited infrastructure (sewer, roads, schools), public safety. The most efficient way for our city to address these issues is by maintaining our one-home-per-acre residential zoning requirements and continue to not allow multi-family residential housing as part of our commercial zoning. Brentwood has 7,000 undeveloped acres, if it is built out as it is currently zoned, it will add an additional 25,000 residents to our population. Additionally, equipping our outstanding police and fire departments with the technology, resources, and staffing they need today and in the future will be a top priority.  



3.)   What makes you the best candidate for the position of Brentwood City Commissioner?


I love our city and the unique characteristics we have created here such as how our neighborhoods are developed, our parks/green spaces, and our excellent Williamson County Schools which create such a wonderful community environment. Over the years I have worked with our elected leaders in both the city and county on a variety of topics, I have attended over 55 meetings related to the operation and issues facing our city and county.  I understand where Brentwood is today and where we need to go in the future.  I am passionate, focused, and willing to work with all of our stakeholders and listen to our residents to make sure Brentwood remains the city we all know and love.  The needs of Brentwood will be my priority. 


I do not own any commercial or residential property, other than the home where my family and I currently live. I do not have any realtors or commercial developers in my family. As a result, I will have greater clarity in evaluating future development plans without any conflict of interest


4.)   Brentwood is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and the city has seen a lot of changes over the past half century, while some things have remained the same. What issues do you foresee affecting Brentwood over the next ten years and beyond? What would you like to see change or stay the same?


The biggest issues affecting us over the next ten years and beyond are traffic and keeping our infrastructure ahead of the growth around us.  We should continue to maintain our current zoning plans as we enter the build out phase of the city. 


Going forward, I believe we can improve on creating the connectivity between our neighborhoods, parks and green spaces so new developments in the future need to be carefully planned and considered as they are presented to the city.